Desert River Church   
 A view of Prophecies given by the Lord during the prayer ministry


Oct 2003

 I tell you that the watchtowers are empty and the watchman is asleep. Wake him and man the towers for the enemy comes and you have no horn to awaken the sleeping church.

Nov  2003

 The River is coming! Wait and hold on for I will send it quickly. as you heard in the past, dig cisterns to hold the water as it passes by. This flood is the rain of Heaven and is for you. I am watering the desert places so that they will bloom. Those who drink of it will no longer thirst, and those who turn away will be cast aside by this flood. Believe in Me and I will water, is there not anything I cannot do?

Feb 2004

 The oxen are treading the seed with a yoke of burden plowing it under. Take my yoke, it is light. The seed will then be watered and grow. The seed is the tender hearts of My people.

Mar 2004

I see the Lord looking towards the east and telling His people to see things through His eyes. "Look my people and see the empty plains, the empty watchtowers on the ramparts unmanned. Look using my eyes and see. Use my vision to see and behold the forming clouds from the distance. I will bring the water, but you must believe and repent or you will not see it in your lifetimes."

Mar 2004

The course of the river will overflow the banks resisting it. The banks are you, my church!

June 2004

(Given to Orrinette) Towards the end of your prayer I saw a cross & it was in the middle of the valley on a hill. Your words caused the sun to come out, but the sun didn't rise as we normally see the sun rise. One minute it was dark, and the next minute, it was at it's fullness (it was never partially risen). As you were praying, from the cross cracks were starting to come out from the base of the cross going over in that direction (East) almost to Honey Lake, and in each direction. It was like you were speaking, but in Heaven it was a song and it was lifting up the SON. As the Son was lifted up, just as the sun was filling up, the darkness was less and less and less because your words were received as an offering, a song as well as an offering. I say song, but it was more like a melody. I then looked up and I was awe struck because as the sun was in the sky so was the cross! it was like Jesus of the Ozarks when you stand and look up you just let go: Wow! And about that time the cracks were all descending and I felt the depth of the crack was as deep as the sin in this valley. The next thing I saw was water and all the cracks were covered. The sin was now down there, buried; and I heard the words:" It has begun". As the water went into the ditch it filled up, and as it came it was a pure stream. It came up and out and resembled a puddle for lack of a better word, but much bigger on the top of a hill. Then it flowed down! As it flowed, I saw someone dancing on the mountain tops (it might of been you) and the person carried a thing that resembled a cat-of-nine-tails. Every time you go like this, the prince of the power of the air would scream because you were fighting. You could not see, but all you could hear was the screams that the celebration of the words was driving them out! I asked the LORD about the cross and He said, "That that stands as the point of victory; it's a point that we must enter in every battle from".


The Sheepfold Prophecy
    "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams."  Acts 2:17