Desert River Church  

  Nehemiah Ministries - In Nehemiah, we read about the gates and the walls of Jerusalem being down and in ruin.   Nehemiah a cupbearer for King Artaxerxes, asks God to give him favor to man. At the proper time, he gives his petition to the King and is allowed to go and rebuild the walls and gates. Upon completion of his mission, he returns to the King.

 NM is involved with rebuilding the walls of the church and restoring the gates in the same concept. We go to local  churches and place our time to help in projects that help churches grow. We tear down the walls of separation, and in its place, restore the walls of the community.

 In like fashion, we receive others from churches in our area and help them restore themselves and reset the gates of understanding. As people are refreshed, we send them back to their churches from which they came to help the kingdom grow.

 Prayer Ministries - We are currently pursuing an active prayer ministry on Tuesdays. This prayer ministry is geared towards fellowship, faith building and power. We call upon the Lord not only to hear our  petitions but we wait to listen to what He would give us as well. Come expecting prophecy, words of knowledge, healing and power as the Lord speaks and moves in this ministry!

 Bethel Church Trips - Unscheduled trips to Bethel Church in Redding, CA. We sometimes car pool and take people into river where getting into the flow is the norm. Expect to be blessed beyond anything you have ever seen.

 Susanville Crosswalk - We are currently involved with bearing the Lord's Cross through the areas of Susanville, California (or anywhere else the Lord calls us to). Right now our progress is from Honey Lake to the town proper, South to North, East to West. Come join us in this reconciliation movement.



 640 Cameron Way, Susanville CA 96130  530.310.0700